Download Your Favorite FREE Demo Software from the Auto FX Gen1 Software series

Find out for yourself how easy Auto FX Software works by downloading the FREE Gen1 Photo Effects and Enhancement Demo of your choice. We encourage you to try our easy to use image enhancement solution. **Each FREE Demo version must be downloaded independently to ensure you are working with the FREE Demo product of your choice.** The FREE Full Watermarked Demo version of our product includes your choice for the Mac or Windows operating system, as well as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in. These FREE Demo's perform all the same tasks as the Fully Licensed Activated versions for you to try. Other features also include the Auto FX Software Stand-Alone Application Gen1 version within the same FREE Demo. You do not need any third party software to run our image enhancement solution.

AutoMagic Pro Photo Effects™ Gen1 FREE Demo Software

Click here to try the FREE demo version of AutoMagic Pro Photo Effects Gen1 and get instant access to 43 fantastic digital artistic visual effects. Use your most creative family photos and outdoor portrait images as you investigate this artistic software and see for yourself what AutoMagic Pro Photo Effects Gen1 can offer you.


Discover the Wide Variety of Instant Click and Get Art Mediums for your Photos

  • 43 New Artistic Effects Render more Control over Artistic Digital Design
  • Easy to use one click Canvas or Paper Textures Applied to Paper, Canvas, Concrete etc
  • Create Amazing Gallery Quality Works of Art from Nearly and Digital Image or Photo
  • Large Number of Well Balanced Effect Tools for both Professional and Hobbyist Photographers

Demo Our Photoshop Plugins - AutoMagic Pro Photo Effects Gen1

Digitally paint with oils and acrylics, draw with a pencil or pens, and sketch complicated detailed works of art. With the power of these digital art supplies, you can easily create a final image that can be professionally mounted on a real canvas or heavy art paper for amazing final artistic renderings that are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Some of the AutoMagic Options Include:

  • Convert an Image into an Oil Painting with Great Detail and Realism
  • Seamlessly Create a Work of Art that Would be Suitable for Framing
  • Transform your best Photos into Works Of Art which can be Hung in an Art Gallery

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DreamSuite™ Ultimate Gen1 FREE Demo Software

Click here to try the FREE demo version of DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 and get instant access to three dozen stunning visual effects. Use your own photos as you investigate the software and see for yourself what DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 can offer you.


Achieve Stunning Graphic & Artistic Effects With One-Click

  • Specialised graphic effects achieved without a large learning curve
  • Gain greater control over your transparent rasterized vector images
  • Create Amazing Gallery Quality Works of Art from Nearly and Digital Image or Photo
  • Apply more impressive stylized effects than can be achieved with layer styles alone

Demo Our Photoshop Plugins - DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1

DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 contains 48 powerful photo effects that allow anyone, professionals or novices alike, to create beautiful graphic images and digital artwork. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 lets you achieve visual results that are difficult or impossible to attain using any other software.

Some of the DreamSuite Options Include:

  • Create Amazing Stylized Digital Graphics
  • Create Works-of-Art & Without Using Several Cumbersome Steps
  • Add Shadow, Light, Texture and Change the Environment with Reflection Maps
  • Pass Light Through any Image in all Film Frame Effects as they are Transparent
  • Well Balanced Effect Tools for both Graphic Artist and Graphic Designers

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Mystical Suite™ Gen1 FREE Demo Software

Download this demo to try the FREE Mystical Focus Gen1, Mystical Lighting and Ambiance Gen1 and the Mystical Tint Tone and Color Gen1 products. This installs the demo version of each product in an integrated suite that allows you to try out each product separately or combine the effects from each product together to see how simple it is to use Mystical Suite. You can purchase each product separately or you can purchase the Mystical Suite Gen1 which includes all three integrated together as a comprehensive suite of over 100 effects that can be combined together.

Please Note: ***This download allows you to try all three Mystical Products in one integrated Suite. You are NOT downloading just one of the three Mystical products. You are downloading all three consisting of Mystical Focus Gen1, Mystical Lighting and Ambiance Gen1 and the Mystical Tint Tone and Color Gen1 which is also known as the Mystical Suite Gen1.***


See what the Auto FX Software Mystical Suite Gen1 can do for you

  • Generate Even Tonal Effects for a Pleasing Appearance
  • Smooth Skin and Enhance Eyes and Lips
  • Generate Natural Light Beams for a Pleasing Appearance
  • Control the Weather by Making it Rain, Sleet, or Snow

Demo Our Photoshop Plugins - Mystical Series Photo Effects Gen1

Being able to jump between programs is extremely powerful as it lets you refine the exact look. There are over 100 dynamic filters in the Mystical Suite Gen1, any of which can be stacked and combined together to form an unlimited number of looks. Each effect in the suite is available to combine with any other effect.

Some of the Mystical Series Options Include:

  • Redefine Points of Interest with Zoom and Motion Blur
  • Add Panning Effect for Action Shots and Abstract Movement
  • Improve Almost any Conceivable Issue with Easy Digital Image Enhancement Tools

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PhotoGraphic™ Edges Gen1 FREE Demo Software

PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1 is a suite of 32 photographic effects that surround your images with over 10,000 borders, frames and edges. By giving your images shape and dimension you can add interest and appeal to your work.

Please Note: ***Please keep in mind the PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1 Full Version includes an extensive set of content not shown in this PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1 Demo version to keep the size and the time for the download reasonable. The full version of PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1 product is 3.7GB.***


Achieve Unique and Tasteful Border, Frame and Edge Effects With One-Click

  • Add backgrounds for a full layout including Colors, Gradients, Textures, and more
  • Increase the age or change the texture of your photos and digital images
  • Increase the age or change the texture of your photos and digital images
  • Save your customized self-generated Edges, Frames and Borders effects as presets

Demo Our Photoshop Plugins - PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1

PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1 is professional grade software used to add Edges, Frames and Borders to enhance the finished version of your digital images. Included in the new PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1 is a vast collection of Film Frames, Darkroom Effects, Grunge Edges, Natural Media Borders, and dozens of other new styles with over a thousand pieces of new creative content.

Some of the PhotoGraphic Edges Options Include:

  • Remove the Boring Straight Edges
  • Cover Many Extras Like Scrapbooking, Birthday, & Seasonal Edges
  • Add Backgrounds for a Full Layout
  • Add Thin Borders for a Clean Subtle Appearance
  • Contains Geometric, Digital, Traditional, Artistic, and Modern Frames as well as Vignettes

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AutoEye™ Gen1 FREE Demo Software

AutoEye Gen1 uses a totally different set of adjustment methods than Photoshop or other image editing applications. AutoEye Gen1 does not use standard curves and histograms to adjust images on a global basis within the RGB or CMYK color space. AutoEye Gen1′s unique methods result in image enhancements that are easier to attain and yield a higher quality result.


Achieve Stunning Clarity With One-Click

  • Enhance and correct digital scans instantly
  • Improve and sharpen re-sized images and photo restoration
  • Enhance your over/under exposed photos
  • Use on low quality prints to appear sharper and cleaner

Demo Our Photoshop Plugins - AutoEye Gen1

AutoEye Gen1 is an automated visual effect enhancement solution allowing the user to improve digital images by rebuilding color, detail, and sharpness as well as image vibrancy resulting in amazing clarity and color fidelity. A totally different set of adjustment methods are used by AutoEye Gen1 rather than with other image editing applications. They allow the user to blend crystal sharpness creating realistic restored depth of field which the user can create the desired results they are after.

Some of the AutoEye Options Include:

  • Instantly Sharpen the Finest Details of your Images
  • Apply the Desired Imperfections and Distortions Require by Grain and Noise
  • Adjust the Over/Under Exposure to Balance Overly Whitened or Indiscernible Darkened Images

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