Mystical Photo Effects Gen2 FX Packs - 11 FX Packs Available - Each Sold Separately

Need only one effect group in particular? Get one or just a few of the 11 Mystical FX Gen2 FX Packs. We break up the Mystical Ultimate Bundle Gen2 for those who need a specific effect group to get today's Photo Enhancement project done. Each FX Pack contains specific Photo Effects selectively tailored to your photo enhancement needs. Learn more about what our easy use software solution can do for your Photo Enhancement needs.

This FX Pack Contains 7 Gen2 Black & White Effects

$59.99 $33.59

Experience the Drama Created with Black & White

Black & White Effects cover many of the highest quality photo processing techniques traditionally found throughout history. Create stunning black and white effects with your color photos. Erase the effect to cleverly add back color for extra emphasis. Use Sepia to generated the perfect mood with your stunning wedding shots.

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This FX Pack Contains 8 Gen2 Color Photo Effects

$39.99 $19.03

Generate Many of the Time Consuming Specialized Effects in Seconds

Color Photo Effects handle basic to complex color enhancement techniques that emulate the traditional darkroom treatments for developing photos with rich colors.
There are virtually no limits to the number of Color Photo Effects that can be stacked to enhance your photos.

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This FX Pack Contains 8 Gen2 Photo Tonal Effects

$39.99 $19.03

More Dynamic and Expressive Vibrancy and Tonal Balance
Balance the mid-tones, highlights and dark areas of an photo using state of the art contrasting algorithms. You can make image highlights and mid-tones more vibrant while achieving deeper tonal quality on areas below certain tonal thresholds. Make Black Components of any photo darker providing a richer, deeper black and darker tonal value. Smooth the lighter or darker tonal values while blending any changes providing professional tonal balance and results.

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This FX Pack Contains 15 Gen2 Focal Lens Effects

$59.99 $33.59

Focal Effect Tools to Enhance Focal Perspective with any Photo
Pin-point exactly where you would like the effect applied with your digital image or photo. Remove the trial-and-error approach when working directly on the image. Brush-on / Brush-off effects allow you to click the area exactly where you wish to enhance. Dynamically render many combinations of different Focal Effects together in one digital image. Combine a Focal Plane with a Focal Brush effect then add in a Panning Focus effect to a small part of the image. Ellipse controls / path controls and focal mask controls allow the user to create specialized Focal Effects fast and easy. Apply predictable Focal Effects with natural enhancements.

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This FX Pack Contains 16 Gen2 Photo Light Effects

$59.99 $33.59

Lighting Effect Tools that Enhance Lighting Conditions with any Photos
Easily apply an effect to the entire photo or just to the areas you want with the Brush-On / Brush-Off tools. Light casting technology yields natural looking lighting occurances that cast Photo-Realistic beams of light across any photo. For example – moving, expanding and adjusting the T-Path control, you can exactly position the lighting effect and stream it across the image to naturally blend into the scene. Each T-path has its own atmospherics and light beam settings. Control the spread of light, its Taper and Fade-Out.

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This FX Pack Contains 10 Gen2 Specialty Photo Filter Effects

$49.99 $27.99

Explore these Customized Auto FX Software Specialty Effects that WOW your Photo

You can easily brush on simulated traditional hand crafted techniques of hand painting / tinting images to any black and white photo. Show off your traditional tinting techniques in portrait shots. Under Color allows you to paint color to any black and white photo brushing on colors blending the dark areas and shielding the lighter areas using Tonal Range controls. Apply extraordinary custom effects with Fairy Dust and Specular Shapes adding great bokeh or blurred pattern effects.

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This FX Pack Contains 13 Gen2 Weather Photo Effects

$49.99 $27.99

Explore Ambient Photo Effects For Amazing Displays Weather Effects

Generate dynamic specialized weather control at your fingertips. With the new Lightning Bolts you can add various types of true to life lightning in both style and color. Change the color of any Lightning Bolts at your discretion. New Snow and Rain Effects give you greater control over the size, shape, and depth of each snowflake. Add a special warm glow from morning to Afternoon Sunshine. Control the density and stream of Haze & Fog with precision. Add gently blended natural colored Rainbows with a huge assortment of styles. Varying Sizes of Rain, Puddles, or a combination of both create realistic Rainy Weather Generate variety of Snow ranging from a light dusting of Snow to a stormy blizzard.

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This FX Pack Contains 7 Gen2 Photo Shader Effects

$39.99 $19.03

Shading Photo Effects Creating Amazing Realistic Results Bringing Attention to the Dark Areas

Bring attention to the dark areas or custom create them as needed. Cast true to life shadows from our numerous pre-made shadows to create leaves, blinds, windows and winter tree branches. Blend deep tonal shading through the gradient path tool creating a smooth dark tint.

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This FX Pack Contains 7 Gen2 Photo Sharpening Effects

$59.99 $33.59

Explore these Custom Auto FX Software Specialty Effects that WOW your Photo

Sharpening effects adjust the tonal qualities of an image to lighten and brighten the image while sharpening the details. Compress the color spectrum of your photo simultaneously sharpening the details. Sharpening and Smoothing generate adjustments from a color perspective, not necessarily the photos focal point. Brush on to apply selectively or apply globally to make an image crisp with solid contrasting tones. Sharpen photos with tonal range controls exposing unseen details.

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This FX Pack Contains 6 Gen2 Digital Portrait Effects

$29.99 $16.79

Explore Post Production Portrait Enhancements For Fine Tuning

Enhance close-up features for people touching up your best portrait photos. Portrait Effects such as Smooth Skin, Enhance Eyes, Enhance Hair, and Enhance Lips give you the ability to create your most perfect portrait. Reshape and Enlarge / Reduce are perfect tools for reshaping as needed. Infuse natural color to improve or alter the color of the Eye, Skin, and Teeth. Bring out the natural highlights and enrich the color of hair in your photos. Reduce skin wrinkles and smooth out lips while adding a touch of color.

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This FX Pack Contains 4 Gen2 Digital HDR Effects


Apply One of 4 Photo HDR Filters Without the Need to Purchase Expensive Filters

Easily simulate the High Dynamic Range (HDR) look you are after without the combination of three images needed to produce true HDR giving the desired effect from any single digital image. Use HDR Black & White to generate stunning dark to light shades and subtlety add back a little color for an interesting, modern metallic look. Enhance your photos colors & tones across a gradual curve and taper of color. HDR Black & White uses smooth blends & graduated qualities when converting color. Exaggerate colors in any photo & create a surreal look. Generate super-saturated & harden contrast on photos for high color fidelity.

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