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AutoEye Gen1 uses a totally different set of adjustment methods than Photoshop or other image editing applications. AutoEye Gen1 does not use standard curves and histograms to adjust images on a global basis within the RGB or CMYK color space. AutoEye Gen1′s unique methods result in image enhancements that are easier to attain and yield a higher quality result. This video tutorial below will describe many of the clarifying Photo Effects when using the legacy version of AutoEye 2.0.

Achieve Stunning Clarity With One-Click

  • Enhance and correct digital scans instantly
  • Improve and sharpen re-sized images and photo restoration
  • Enhance your over/under exposed photos
  • Use on low quality prints to appear sharper and cleaner

AutoEye 2.0 Legacy Training Videos Start Here:

Introduction to AutoEye


Free Training Videos - Introduction to AutoEye

Learn how to automatically enhance your photos with Auto Eye Gen1. Understand the intuitive nature of this photo enhancement clarifier.

Some of the Photo Effects Include:

  • Learn how the software automatically sharpens the image when you load your photo
  • Learn how to smooth out noise introduced by heavy sharpening
  • Understand how to interact with the Color Tab and Effects Tab creative controls

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